Musician Handbook

The Musician Handbook contains the policies and procedures relating to all YOSA activities. The musicians of YOSA maintain a personal standard of conduct that is a credit to themselves, their parents, schools, and communities. Musicians are expected to contribute to the wholesome atmosphere of devoted work and serious performance that distinguishes this organization. Musicians are expected to maintain participation in the music program (orchestral or band) at their school if one is available.

Absence & Tardy Form

Consistent attendance at rehearsals is crucial to the success and musical growth of YOSA. Any absence affects the ability of other musicians of the orchestra to be fully prepared for the concert performance.

Dress rehearsals and concerts are mandatory. Any musician who misses a dress rehearsal may not be allowed to play in that concert, at the discretion of the conductor. Missing a concert is grounds for dismissal. is the responsibility of the musician and parents to ensure that the YOSA staff is informed about absences and late arrivals as early as possible. Please use the Absence & Tardy Notification Form link above to report all absences.