YOSA Strategic Plan with 2015 Annual Report

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The mission of YOSA, the premier orchestral experience for youth citywide, is to enhance education, enrich the community, and transform lives by pursuing excellence in classical music in a stimulating, nurturing, and fun environment that is equally accessible to all youth.


YOSA’s fundamental convictions, values, and character.
  • Classical music is a key component of a vibrant community.
  • All youth deserve equal access to participation and excellence in music education, regardless of economic, social, and other barriers.
  • The pursuit of musical excellence transforms lives.
  • Playing a musical instrument enhances the intellectual and social development of youth.
  • Orchestras provide a fun, safe environment for mutual growth and creative expression.


The desired and measurable end results for YOSA.
  • Each young musician in YOSA will be transformed by experiences that cultivate both personal growth and leadership.
  • Each YOSA group will demonstrate world-class musical excellence.
  • Every young musician will achieve a life-long love of classical music.
  • YOSA musicians will reflect the socio-economic, geographic, and ethnic representation of our entire community.
  • Through our leadership and community engagement, we will inspire passion and support for the arts and education citywide.
  • YOSA will be a relentless advocate for comprehensive music education throughout our community.


The means of accomplishing our objectives.

Musical Excellence and Program Growth

We will challenge and empower all YOSA musicians to reach the highest standard of musical excellence.

We will create transformative, memorable and fun experiences for all YOSA musicians.

We will manage program growth to enhance musical excellence, ensure financial stability, and sustain operational resources.

Financial Sustainability

We will have a board directed cash reserve equal to 50% of annual operating expenses.

We will increase tuition revenue to at least 40% of annual operating expenses.

We will institute a donor cultivation and stewardship program to increase individual giving to at least 20% of annual operating expenses.

Rehearsal Space and Facility Needs

We will assess current and future facility needs to explore options of a centralized rehearsal and administrative space for YOSA’s programs.


We will develop YOSA MÁS curriculum and programming in close cooperation with existing school music programs.

We will identify and cultivate sustaining funders to emulate the model of the Rackspace Foundation’s support of YOSA MÁS Roosevelt.

We will recruit and retain YOSA musicians who reflect the diversity of the San Antonio area.

Board Development

We will increase the number of active members on the YOSA Board and ensure that the composition of the Board reflects the cultural and economic diversity of the San Antonio area.

We will promote opportunities for the training and professional development of YOSA Board members and seek ways to increase collaboration and communication among members of the Board.

2015/16 Action Steps


Establish semiannual faculty meetings to review and coordinate curriculum and repertoire.

Expand recruitment and retention efforts for brass players.

Continue to seek opportunities to include guest soloists, alternative styles, premier venues, regional travel, compelling repertoire, and other memorable experiences in the programming for all YOSA musicians, including pre-Philharmonic orchestras and Summer Symphony Camp.

Establish annual enrollment planning summit with staff and board each October to review program status and set enrollment benchmarks for the following year.


Appeal to past board members and their networks to support cash reserve.

Explore alternate musical performance opportunities to maximize event revenue.

Spread tuition increase over several years to ease the impact on families.

Explore small-scale tuition generating activities, such as camps and workshops during school vacations.

Establish an active alumni network.

Establish benefits for various giving levels.


Evaluate current and future facilities needs and identify possible solutions through the establishment of a working group comprised of YOSA stakeholders.


Prioritize program elements that support and interface directly with school instrumental music programs, rather than offering standalone instruction.

Identify and cultivate relationships with school districts that are underrepresented in YOSA’s current student population.


Create a formal, structured process for identifying, cultivating and electing new YOSA Board members in consultation with the YOSA staff and all Board committees.

Host prospective Board members at social events, rehearsals, and performances.

Create and implement a formal, structured process for orienting new YOSA Board members and provide periodic updates for continuing Board members.

Conduct exit interviews for members rotating off the Board.

2016/17 Action Steps


Expand chamber music opportunities for musicians in YOSA orchestras.


Create a designated campaign to increase reserve.

Create a systematic process of adding to the reserve.

Alternate years in which the deposit and the monthly tuition rates are increased.

Expand number of hosted visits to YOSA programs.

Develop a comprehensive marketing plan to increase public awareness.


Conduct a funding feasibility study for the various facilities options identified.


Develop a larger network of public sector and business relationships in locations adjacent to school partnership programs.


Increase the size of the Board to reflect the cultural and economic diversity of the San Antonio area.

Provide specific opportunities for team-building among Board members.


On an annual basis leading to the year 2020, the YOSA Board of Directors will review the progress of the Action Steps and will revise and identify additional Action Steps for subsequent years reflecting a two-year cycle.

2015 ANNUAL REPORT     August 2014-July 2015

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