YOSA MÁS:Music After School

First started as the Music Learning Center in 2009, YOSA’s Music After School (YOSA MÁS) is San Antonio’s El Sistema-inspired music education program. YOSA MÁS offers intensive string instruction to at-risk and underserved students on San Antonio’s west side, providing instruments, instruction, and a safe space to learn.

Inspired by the Venezuelan El Sistema model of youth orchestras, YOSA MÁS shares many of the same philosophies and practices. In Venezuela, El Sistema serves more than 400,000 children through rigorous music instruction and learning through performing since its beginning in 1974.

Some of the ideals of El Sistema are:

  • Social transformation through the medium of classical music and the symphony orchestra. A close-knit community is formed in each music center, allowing children to practice social skills in a safe and creative environment.
  • Performance and ensemble learning. From the very beginning, YOSA MÁS students practice ensemble playing and performance. The result for students is depth of learning–the pressure and fear of performance is reduced, performing becomes a natural part of music and learning. Ensemble practice allows for peer mentoring and peer learning through observation and inspiration! Community is built through shared endeavor and creativity.
  • Comprehensive and frequent instruction allows for more practice and time with students. YOSA MÁS meets three days a week for two hours each day when school is in session.

YOSA MÁS, like the El Sistema movement, is a music and social program that is accessible to at-risk children, to aid their development of the executive function skills that promotes long-term social, school, and career success.

YOSA MAS Edgewood 2013-09-17

Beginning in September 2013, YOSA MÁS has moved to the Edgewood Independent School District and rehearses three days each week. YOSA MÁS is open to interested 4th grade and 5th grade students at select schools in EISD.  Please contact Aurelia Rocha for more information.