TOUR HISTORY     2018 Spain / Canary Islands Tour

Tour History

In 1985, under the visionary leadership of Evelyn Berg (President of the Board of Directors) and the artistry of Music Director, Terence Frazor, YOSA took its first international tour. The goals were to provide a unique and life-changing experience for the students in the orchestra, expand their musical professionalism, and to promote the San Antonio, Texas, and the United States to audiences in foreign countries. Their legacy was to establish a regular touring cycle for YOSA and to provide dozens and dozens of students the experience of a lifetime. YOSA’s eleventh tour, to Vienna, is being planned for the summer of 2016.

1985 Romania, Hungary, Austria Terence Frazor
1989 Poland, Hungary, Austria Terence Frazor
1995 Germany Geraldo Edelstein
1998 Australia Brendan Townsend
2001 France Eugene Dowdy
2004 Italy, Austria David Mairs
2007 Finland, Estonia, Russia Marlon Chen
2010 China Troy Peters
2012 England and Wales Troy Peters
2014 Québec Troy Peters
2016 Vienna Troy Peters

2018 Spain / Canary Islands Troy Peters