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YOSA Invitational-01

Audience members will be admitted FREE to any and all performances throughout the YOSA Invitational.
Please arrive 15 minutes before performances you wish to attend.

Official 2017 YOSA Invitational Lineup

Monday, May 15, 2017
10 a.m. Nimitz Honors Orchestra, Nimitz Middle School
Ed Chapman, director

11 a.m. Robert L. Vale Stingray Full Orchestra, Vale Middle School
Tim Logan, director

12 p.m. Tejeda Honor Orchestra, Tejeda Middle School
Erik Cavazos, director

1 p.m. Rawlinson Middle School Chamber Orchestra, Rawlinson Middle School
Sophie Renker, director

3 p.m. Harris Middle School Honors Orchestra, Harris Middle School
Marianne White, director

4 p.m. Mustang Varsity Band, Corbett Junior High School
Corey Barker, director

5 p.m. Tex Hill Honors Band, Hill Middle School
Kim Rosenberg, director

6 p.m. Lopez Middle School Honors Band, Lopez Middle School
Kim Garza, director

7 p.m. Briscoe Middle School Honors Band, Briscoe Middle School
Ray Flores, director

8 p.m. Bradley Middle School Honor Band, Bradley Middle School
Emily Gurwitz, director

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
9 a.m. Sandra Day O’Connor Symphonic Winds, O’Connor High School
Roland Sandoval, director

10 a.m. Judson High School Band 1, Judson High School
Jeffrey Keyes, director

11 a.m. Smithson Valley Symphonic Band I, Smithson Valley High School
Dain Vereen, director

12 p.m. Taft High School Wind Ensemble, Taft High School
Amanda Stevenson, director

2 p.m. Marshall High School Varsity Strings, Marshall High School
John Thornton, director

3 p.m. Brandeis High School Symphony Orchestra, Brandeis High School
Kevin Garcia-Hettinger, director

8 p.m. YOSA Philharmonic Gold Series 3: The Planets Live
Troy Peters, YOSA Music Director
Adrian Wyard, digital media artist
[Separate admission ticket required for “The Planets Live”]

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