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YOSA Invitational-01

Audience members will be admitted FREE to any and all performances throughout the YOSA Invitational. Please arrive 15 minutes before performances you wish to attend.

Official 2018 YOSA Invitational Lineup

Monday, May 21, 2018
9 a.m. Bradley Middle School Honors Orchestra, Bradley Middle School
Julie Petri Post, director

10 a.m. Ed White Philharmonic Orchestra, Ed White Middle School
Martin Sanchez, director

11 a.m. Bernal Middle School Orchestra, Bernal Middle School
Katie Boyd, director

1 p.m. Stevenson Middle School Orchestra, Stevenson Middle School
Matthew Saltibus, director

2 p.m. Honors Orchestra, Lopez Middle School
Melanie Sorgi, director

3 p.m. Boerne High School Varsity Orchestra, Boerne High School
Jacobi Caldwell, director

4 p.m. Brennan Chamber Orchestra, Brennan High School
Armando Rivera, director

6 p.m. Raider Chamber Orchestra, Taft High School
Robert Jones, director

7 p.m. Clark High School Symphony Orchestra, Clark High School
Teresa Nguyen, director

8 p.m. O’Connor High School Full Orchestra, O’Connor High School
Brenda Johnson, director

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

9 a.m. Honors Band, Alamo Heights Junior School
Steve McGrew, director

10 a.m. Whittier Middle School Symphonic Band, Whittier Middle School
Bradlee Hooker, director

11 a.m. Dr. Hector P. Garcia Honor Band, Garcia Middle School
Guerrina Esparza, director

1 p.m. Driscoll Honors Band, Driscoll Middle School
Richard Gonzalez, director

2 p.m. Dobie Honor Band, Dobie Junior High School
William Daniel, director

3 p.m. Brackenridge High School Honor Wind Ensemble, Brackenridge High School
Alfonso Alvarado, director

4 p.m. Wind Ensemble, Highlands High School
Eleanor Henson, director

6 p.m. Brandeis Symphonic Winds, Brandeis High School
Richard Herrera, director

7 p.m. Fredericksburg High School Wind Ensemble, Fredericksburg High School
John Rauschuber, director

8 p.m. Reagan Wind Ensemble, Reagan High School
Dan Morrison, director

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